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The way we use technology has advanced in the last few years. In studies it is shown that 70% of smart phone owners use apps to monitor their health and fitness levels, with this rate predicited to grow more year by year. According to another study, 93% of people who use health apps  report feeling an increased quality of life. It is evident that there is a growing overlap between the wellness and tech industries meaning health has never been so accesible.  If you take for example the opening of James Duigans’ BODYISM gym in Notting Hill where memberships run up to over £19,000 a year and compare it to the rise of fitness technology, the age of expensive gyms starts to feel somewhat redundant. It certainly feels like the wellness industry is learning to adjust to a changing landscape, the success of these apps being an indication of changing consumer trends and habit. Here I list some of my favourite apps.


The global expansion and success of classpass is yet another indication that health concious individuals no longer want to be tied down to one gym or studio. ClassPass is an app that affiliates with studios to allow users to try a variation of different classes based on their location. The monthly cost is £89 and for this price you can experience a choice of thousands of classes. It is a great business model as it benefits users by offering variation and studios guaranteed traction.

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MyFitnessPal is an app for tracking calorific and nutritional intake. The app has a huge database and back log of nutritional information from hundreds of thousands of supermarkets, restaurants and commonly used ingredients. Earlier this year it was acquired by Under Armour Inc. for £307 million and with over 75 million users worldwide, MyFitnessPal is host to the largest online fitness community. The app can be utilised by the most advanced body builder by tracking macro nutritional information, or by someone who is just starting their fitness journey and wishes to set a daily calorific guideline.

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REAL ENERGY NETWORK: An inspiring app for those seeking guidance and meditation by Bobby Klein. This app has not yet reached completion, however it is currently raising pledges on Kickstarter. This app was brought to my attention by a friend of mine and I feel it really encompasses all the elements necessary for a fitness journey by focusing on the mind body connection. I find it very forward thinking how concepts from I CHING, the ancient oracle are taken and translated into an app. The app will be an everyday survival guide with teachings, lectures and most importantly a community to engage with.

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This app was brought to my attention by instagram yogi Kino McCregor also known by her handle @KinoYoga. I always wanted to practice in her class, but as she is USA based her workshops in the UK were few and far between. Then she posted that she had a handstand tutorial coming out with CODY. My interest was piqued and I downloaded this app and havent looked back since. The app gives you access to some of the worlds top trainers and yogis, with guided videos you can watch and practice alongside at your own pace. Their motto is Be The Best You and the supportive community that comes with the app is highly encouraging.

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Scientifically based and not pink. That is how period tracking app CLUE is describing itself, and women are listening. With over 2 million users in over 180 countries, the company is taking over this field to become an informative tool for both fertility and menstrual tracking purposes. Having raised over £7 million investment in the past year, co-founder Ida Tin has great aspirations for the brand by looking to build a platform for female health. She tells TechCrunch that “What we want to do is basically bring this whole amazing field of female health into the whole age of data. Seeing how we can integrate all kinds of data streams from various sensors [..] and give women a really powerful way to understand whats going on in their body.”