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The Human body is the greatest detoxification tool in existence; with our liver, kidneys and colon constantly removing the body of toxins. With London coming in as the most toxic town on earth, we are constantly exposed to both external and internal pollutants. This build up can manifest in the form of various negative symptoms. Learn to read these signals and react in kind by treating your body to a detox, cleanse or clean eating regime.

  1. Low Energy Levels: These can be related to over exposure to caffeine and taurine; stimulants which will cause you to crash eventually. They burden the liver and block the colon.
  2. Constipation: This is a key sign your digestive system is not working well. Try to increase fibre in your cleanse or diet by adding flaxseeds, chia seeds or psyllium husk. I would also suggest a colonic before embarking on any detoxification regime. I recommend visiting The Hale Clinic.
  3. Lack of focus: By self medicating with stimulants and caffeine, the issue can only be exasperated. A cleanse can be focused to rid the body of candida which are overgrown cultures of yeast within us. It thrives off refined sugars. Remember to take a course of probiotics after any cleanse, colonic or detox.
  4. Unhealthy Cravings: An advanced Harvard study showed that eating foods such as refined starches, white flour and sugars raise your glycemic index and trigger the nucleus accumbens region. This has been strongly associated with conventional addictions such as drugs and alcohol. Processed foods artificially stimulate dopamine, the pleasure neurotransmitter. A detox will help rid your body of these signals and dependencies.
  5. Skin Ailments: Issues such as Eczema and Acne are often linked to toxic buildup. It can be linked to misbalances in the gut flora which can be aided through healthy regimes and probiotics.
  6. Depressive Feelings: This can be a sign of toxicity in the bowels, liver and brain. Enemas and colonics are great for cleansing the bowels and ingest high chlorophyll foods to aid in detoxing the brain.
  7. Insomnia: This is often linked to a build up of hormones such as Oestrogen or over activated nervous system. These are signs your liver, which releases hormones, may not be functioning at its best. Broccoli is a great food for liver rebalancing.
  8. Malodour: Your lymphatic system is one of the bodies greatest tools for detox, but if your odour is particularly more potent than usual it would be a good idea to cut down on animal fats, embark on a bowel cleansing regime and add in a course of probiotics.
  9. Weight Gain: This seems to be the symptom people are most reactive to; often ignoring far bigger indicators until a cleanse is used as an aesthetic remedy. Weight gain is often linked to toxicity and adrenal fatigue in the body. P.s. If embarking on a juice cleanse there are some evangelists who believe the presence of fruit is bad due to natural sugars from fructose – however fruits are a fantastic deep tissue and liver cleanser so I do recommend including them in your regime.
  10. Recurrent Illness: If you find yourself catching every cold and flu going, it could be a sign your immune system is already over stretching itself by fighting off toxins. Your diet is highly linked to your immune system, and how well its functioning. Give yourself the best chance by ingesting whole, organic foods and taking the time to reset your body.

So if you feel you may need a body M.O.T. the next step is to assess what programme is correct for you. I have partaken in juice cleanses for the last decade and use them not as weight loss tool but rather as a rebooting system for poor habits and internal functioning. Juice cleanses can help detox from dependencies on processed foods and refined sugars for example. It is an ancient practice that can be interpreted incorrectly as a fad diet. When approached from an informed and realistic standpoint, cleanses can certainly help rebalance. For exclusive discounts on PRESS juice cleanses or Nutri Centre vitamins please do get in touch or email sophie@batchbody.com