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After cutting out dairy I thought this signalled the end of chocolate, when in fact in only opened up the doors to many sustainable and vegan brands. (I list the benefits of cutting out dairy here) One brand that was recommended by a friend was Ocelot Chocolate. The packaging in itself is gorgeous and the story behind it even better.


This brand has organic chocolate from either the Peruvian mountains or East Congo jungles. They align themselves with suppliers who ensure that the cacao farmers are all fair trade. There are strong ethics to the brand, all farming is sustainable to both the environment and the local communities. For every 3 bars brought, 2 cocoa trees are planted. The people behind the brand are Matt and Ish – a young married couple from Scotland who run this small business themselves. Both started out as chefs and left their jobs to create Ocelot with one goal in mind – to great the most delicious and pure chocolate. Every single product is hand made by themselves and they are active examples of ethical business practice. They create, draw and design the engaging packaging and artwork. This was a pleasant suprise as it usually takes a large budget to stand out from the crowd. The innate love that Matt and Ish have for their product really shines through.

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