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With the new year come resolutions and aspirations for a healthier start to 2016. The popularity of Dry January and influx of gym goers is a reaction to the over indulgent holiday season. I like to begin my year with a 3 day juice cleanse, using a door to door service. Having worked for some of the leading juice companies in London I am well versed to walk you through what to expect when cleansing. For 10% off your PRESS  cleanse quote SOPHIE10 at check out

1. Blind optimism So your cleanse has arrived, beautifully packaged and straight to your door. Your instagram is a shrine to #Clean #Healthy #Living and your childhood Tetris skills have been put to good use stocking your fridge with dozens of juice bottles. This is a well warranted feeling as often taking that first step and commitment can be the hardest. Believing you can stick to the cleanse is key for success, make sure you really plan out your day – making sure that you are able to stock your juices in the office fridge and not committing to strenuous workouts for the next two days.

2. Reality Bites By the evening of the first day, you may start to feel hungry. This is due to your digestive system not being fully at rest and also the habitual comfort of eating in the evening. Make sure you drink lots of water and the feeling will pass. I suggest mixing psyllium husk with your juices as a high fibre content will leave you feeling fuller. By the time you wake up in the morning, you will feel a lot better.

3. Lead Me Not Into Temptation…So remember stage one where you were the poster child for #CleanLiving ? Wave goodbye to that serenity as you start fantasising about food constantly. You will never realise how many adverts there are for food until you are on your second or third day of a juice cleanse. There are two ways to go about this; you either become an fervent user of the #FoodPorn movement hanging on the words of Nigella or implement a wave of totalitarianism into your household- where no one can mention food or eat it in front of you. Neither are particularly conducive to a burgeoning social life but fortunately everyone is extremely boring during #DryJan so just apologise in february and buy them a drink.

4. Victory! You complete your cleanse. Be it three day or three weeks, the sense of satisfaction that comes with finishing a cleanse is incomparable. You’ve just spent a considerable amount of time abstaining from food and visualising this moment here. You will experience glowing skin and a lightness in your step. At this point you will be sleeping better, due to a decreased amount of toxins in your body. Your energy levels should have picked up and your mind feel clearer. Don’t focus on the skinny, focus on the healthy.

5. Life after Juice The final stage of any cleanse is how you continue afterwards. The greatest opportunity for change comes here. During a detox you remove toxins from your body and most importantly, you remove dependencies on processed food and sugars. This means you now have the greatest chance to break poor habits and quit for good! The most important thing to do now is to transition slowly and sustainably. This would mean eating a raw and began diet for the first day, chewing all food over 20 times as your digestive system has been at rest. The second day post cleanse you can reintroduce organic food and day three back to normal – but hopefully with a renewed interest in clean eating.

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