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To those unfamiliar with Kayla Itsines, she is the Instagram sensation with a cool 4 million followers and creator of the Bikini Body Guide. Kayla is a young Australian based personal trainer, whose e-book inspired communities and positive transformation. A quick scroll through Instagram hashtags #KaylasArmy or #KaylasGirls bring millions of hits and give insight into just what the driving force behind the internet superstars success. I came across Kayla via a transformation picture when I was looking for a programme to condition my fitness. I had a long break due to a broken hip and wanted to have small attainable goals.

What Is it?

It is a 12 week programme with interval circuit training. You are expected to train for 30 minutes a session, three times a week. Divided into Upper body, Lower Body, Core or Total Body; the programme grows with you and at the end you are introducing LISS and HIIT. LISS stands for Long Intensity Slow Steady training, and just correlates to walking for 45 minutes three times a week. HIIT is a 15 minute session of High Intensity Interval Training. But new comers to fitness shouldn’t feel intimidated as there is a pre-training programme also. I found my cardiovascular endurance at an all time high after completing Kayla’s guide. The guide is available as an ebook from the website or as an app. I used both and would personally recommend the SWEAT app, as the timer and exercises are included. It makes for a compact training system and keeps you motivated. Below is an example of the kind of workouts you will encounter.

kayla 111.jpg

My Results

I gained weight on the scale, but this was a very significant moment in my fitness journey. It taught me to not even look at a scale, as physically I looked better, stronger and healthier. I could also run for an hour without breaking; something which even at my peak I had never been able to do. The workouts are tough, I went into the first session thinking that it would be a breeze as it was only 28 minutes of my day – but it was a pleasant surprise when I finished sweating and red in the face. The best thing about BBG is that it creates short attainable goals. I just focused on completing every four weeks when I would need to take a progress picture. This showed me that even though I may not have felt it, I really was improving. The circuits were always fun and I am very happy to say I never missed one! My results were not as dramatic as some that you may see online, but I am very pleased. It has motivated me and inspired me to keep moving and being healthy. The one comment I do have is that if you are not a member of a gym you may need to invest in some equipment. I managed to make alternatives if I was travelling, i.e. using two chairs for raised tricep dips – but a lot of the exercises need a gym setting. I also did not use the diet attached or really integrate in the online community as much as others. I think to anyone starting their fitness journey, having a community can really help.