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The demands of modern living often leave us exhausted and deprived of real food. This can lead to displaced feelings of hunger. The word diet is misunderstood as deprivation and suffering, when really it is just referring to the food we digest every day. With so many extraneous factors leading us to feel hunger, we can find ourselves losing track of our eating habits and making poor choices. Sugar can be a temporary energy booster, but it will just leave you with lower energy levels hours later once those insulin levels drop. These tips are here to help you rediscover the joy of healthy eating and equip you with the tools to combat fake hunger. The first step is down to you; you have to use common sense to establish if you are truly hungry or if there could be another factor at play. If you think the latter, then  you may be experiencing boredom, emotional hunger, exhaustion or sugar addiction. Try incorporating some of the below foods and methods into your daily life for a more balanced approach to nutrition.

  1. GINGER has been used for centuries due to its digestive properties. It is a stimulant that energises the body and improves the digestive system – thus making you feel less hungry. Chop some up and brew in a tea with lemon and warm water.
  2. WATER is key! A lot of times you are not really hungry but thirsty. 8oz of water a day is required to keep the body hydrated. The same part of your brain is responsible for interpreting hunger and thirst signals. Some people are adverse to drinking lots of water due to the fear of water retention but this is the worst thing to do if you are looking to slim down! Water retention and bloating is a symptom of dehydration as your body is clinging to all liquid. Water and hydration is key for lymphatic drainage and fat loss.
  3. PSYLLIUM HUSK is a firm favourite of mine and those who put up with my endless health chat will know I am a huge advocate of this seed for weight loss. I often suggest people take it when accompanying a juice cleanse as it is extremely high in fibre and therefore you feel satiated for longer. I personally take a tablespoon with alkaline water if I find myself reaching for sweet treats. It honestly works every time for me. You can find it online or in most health shops.
  4. LEAN PROTEIN was the subject of this study, which I think will say it better than I can. Researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Center compared weight loss in dieters who ate either two eggs or a bagel for breakfast. The two breakfast meals were identical in calories and volume, but the egg breakfast was much higher in protein. “Compared to the bagel eaters, overweight women who ate two eggs for breakfast five times a week for eight weeks, as part of a low-fat, reduced-calorie diet, lost 65% more weight, reduced waist circumference by 83%, reported higher energy levels, and had no significant difference in their … bloodcholesterol or triglyceride levels,” reports researcher Nikhil V. Dhurandhar, PhD
  5. BREAKFAST really is the most important meal of the day in my books! I always make time for it, even if it means waking up extra early. Places like CRUSH make it really easy for those who do not want to cook, with their low G.I. scrambled eggs and breakfast pots. The reason breakfast is so key is because it kick starts your metabolism and sets you up to not snack later on. There was this saying I used to always hear when I was younger “Eat like a King for breakfast, Lunch like a prince and have dinner like a pauper”.
  6. MINDFUL EATING is a favourite of mine. All you need for this effective technique is a focused mind. People who eat their meals mindfully lose far more weight than those who eat with their phone, paper or television on. It is recommended you take 30 minutes to finish a meal, really savouring the flavours and chewing thoroughly. It will allow the brain to receive signals from the stomach that it is full. Always try and wait 30 minutes until after eating before you even consider dessert.