Batch Body - About - Sophie MirandaI’m Sophie, a Notting Hill based health & fitness consultant. Batch was born originally as a pop up store in East Londons’ Old Street Station where I retailed cold-press juice by JuiceMan aswell as served healthy, raw, Vegan food for busy commuters on the go. The menu was designed by Arthur Potts-Dawson of River Cafe and it was a great experience! It taught me alot about the health and food industry and it was exciting to be a part of it as London now experiences a renewed love and interest for organic, whole living. From Batch the store.. to Batch the consultancy, as I was brought into The Juice Well to head up the marketing division and curate new menu and ideas. It was fantastic to work for Joe Cross of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead fame and I am now enrolled at the College of Naturopathic Medicine earning my degree.

I am very proud to now be working alongside PRESS. If you ever require any advice on cold press juice or are interested in cleanses please do contact me directly.

This blog is intended to bring about Transparent Living. I feel whole heartidly that people deserve to know what is in their food, and the effects GMO and chemical laden meals are having on their body. With this site I will take you through my journey earning my degree, emparting knowledge in a digestible and comprehensive manner aswell as reviewing the best fitness and health trends in London today.

I am also a qualified personal trainer so will offer fitness advice as well as nutritional tips. My passion also lies in fashion so there may be some overlaps with ‘fitness fashion’ and how to look great whilst you work up a sweat. The recipes and restaurant reviews I will be posting will have a core vegan & alkaline focus!


Sophie x

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